The Coast of Oaxaca in 15 days

Traveling should be much more than visiting a place. 

Doing a volunteering is made to bring out the best of us.

During this experience, you will know one of the mos charismatic places of Oaxaca at the same time that you will support the conservation of protected species, such as sea turtles, pulling together with people who work to protect them day after day. 

You will share an special experience with a group who share the same will to contribute for the World balance, as well as grow up and life a live in all its forms. 


The volunteering

Venture yourself in a experience full of magic, adventures, culture, nature and, most of all, fauna. 

It’s a grupal volunteering with people who share your motivation, interests and pasion for a unknown nature. .



You will reach Puerto Escondido, the surfer city of the Coast.

From there, you will take a bus or a taxi to the project in Ventanilla or Escobilla. It will depend of the behaviour of the sea turtles and the moon effect. 



We will be with one of the most recognized groups in Oaxaca coast. We will live in the indigenous community of Ventanilla, Our main activities in the project will be:

 – Patrolling the beach looking for sea turtles to protect their eggs from poaching.

 – Crocodile monitoring and biological data gathering of the younger specimens, just one night.

 – Seed collecting, land preparation and reforestation of the lagoon, depending of the season. 

 – We will care White-tailed deer population in Ventanilla, feeding them in the morning, a very exploited species along the coast. 

 – Environmental workshops También haremos talleres de educación ambiental con los niños de la comunidad.


Escobilla beach is the most important Sanctuary for the Olive Ridley Sea turtle, being the largest mass nesting site worldwide. Is one of the only 12 beaches where the arribada phenomenom (massive nesting behaviour) occurs. 

We will have to cross by boat a lagoon to reach the beach and the hatchery. There, we will do our main conservation activities:

 – Patrolling the beach during the night to protect eggs

 – Nesting checks to research eclosion rates

 – Natural areas cleaning

ADVC El Gavilán

We get surrounded by the jungle life and small waterfalls in El Gavilán, a jungle protected and researched by 30 people who donated their land to the conservation. 

We will dedicate at least one day to place or collect photo-traps cameras to monitor wildlife, at the same time that we explore and learn about jungle witldilfe. Also, it is possible to plant medicinal and/or native trees.

DATES 2021






Oct – Nov


Dec – jan



You will arrive to Puerto Escondido the first day of the program at the same time with the rest of the group. You will have different options to reach the projects.

– You can take a taxi, if it’s better for you, we can ask a taxi from the community to pick you up.

 – You can take the bus. The line «línea delfines» will stop in Escobilla. To go to Ventanilla, you will have to take that bus and thansfer «crucero de San Antonio».



During our staying in indigenous community of La Ventanilla. 

We will suport a local group who are dedicating their lifes to the protection of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), american crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) and different tortoises such as Hicotea (Trachemys grayi). At the same time, they patrol every night the beach to protect three species of sea turtles: olive Ridley, leatherback and green sea turtle

We will support them: 

– Patroling beaches during the night protecting sea turtles and their eggs, collecting eggs to protect them in the hatchery.

– Releasing baby turtles during the sunset with visitors

– Environmental workshops with children

– With crocodiles: Facilities maintainability, Monitoring during the night in boat. Biological data gathering.

– Observing vulnerable deers. Feeding deers in the morning 

At the same time, we will use our free time to visit some beaches, in Mazunte or Zipolite to go to swim.



After a breakfast, we will go to El Gavilán, a jungle of more than 1000ha donated to the conservation 

To do monitoring wildlife activities, vigilance and reforestation of this incredible jungle, we will have to go by car from San Francisco Cozoaltepec and embark upon the road to look for the best places to place photo-traps cameras. 

We will stop to lunch in the viewpoint and we will go back after seeing the most magical places of the jungle that they protect. 



Nos mudaremos a la comunidad de Escobilla, una comunidad privilagiada que ostenta el fenómeno de arribada: decenas de miles de tortugas llegan a anidar de manera masiva durante la temporada de anidación durante un periodo de 3 a 5 días al mes.

Durante nuestra estancia con la cooperativa encargada de proteger la playa, también realizaremos recorridos nocturnos, así como liberación de crías al mar.

En nuestro tiempo libre durante el día, visitaremos lugares cercanos como Puerto Escondido y sus increíbles playas.



All the activities depend on the behaviour of the animals and the season of their biological cycles.
We will try to combine the activities in order to squeeze our time in the program and learn and do as much as we can.


The food will be made with an oaxacan cook, to whom we will help to prepare the meals. The food will be for all the group and the same for everyone, taking in account for sure to the particular conditions of each one (vegetarians, intolerances, etc).

It is forbidden the drug use and alcohol consumption during the program development.

At the end of the stay, we will leave the room cleaned as well as the bed sheets should be prepared to be washed before leaving the room.

Patrolling will depend on the behaviour of the sea turtles, it can be done from 20:00 or 00:00 until 1:00 or 3:00 am. Releasing hatchlings with visitors will be during the sunset.


There are many activities and places to visit during free days. We will have two days per week (Wednesday and thusday, probably).

 –Puerto Escondido, a surfer city, full of travellers people who loves meditation and yoga, …

 –Mazunte, certificated as pueblo mágico is full of life, in the mornings it is possible to do tours to see dolphins, whales, rays, etc.

 –Agua Blanca, Is a famous beach for locals who like to eat fresh scallops. Is a perfect beach to swim thanks to the rocks which protect the beach from the sea currents. They also look very beautiful.

Tours in Manialtepec, during the night is posible to see bioluminiscence. It’s like the water is shining! They also offer riding tours.

Huatulco. It’s a city full of wonderfull things: coral reefs, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, a national park, … It is a place full of possibilities.


And live this experrience
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