A&E Marathon: More Than 400K Patients Stuck in Epic Waits in England

Record-Breaking Wait Times: Over 12 Hours in A&E

A&E Marathon. So, last year, a crazy 420,000 folks in England got stuck in A&E for more than 12 hours – breaking all the records, according to some deep analysis. The newest NHS England stats spill the beans on a 20% jump from 2022 in people dealing with super long waits after the decision to admit them to the hospital.

Wild Stats: 1 in 15 A&E Patients Facing Marathon Waits

In the number game, a whopping 419,560 peeps, like one in every 15 A&E patients, to deal with these “trolley waits” of 12 hours or more in 2023. The Liberal Democrats did some math, and it’s the highest count since they start keeping tabs in 2011. Wrap your head around this: that’s like 1,150 patients stuck with these marathon waits every single day.

Leader’s Rant: Government’s Getting an Earful

Ed Davey, the big cheese of the Liberal Democrats, didn’t hold back. He’s throwing shade at the “appalling delays” and pointing fingers at Rishi Sunak’s government for suppose ignoring the patient struggle and wrecking the health service.

Postcode Lottery Alert: Where You Live Matters

If you think everyone’s playing by the same rules, think again. The Liberal Democrats spill the tea on a postcode lottery mess. In some trusts, like North Middlesex University Hospital Trust, nearly half the patients twiddling their thumbs for more than half a day.

Deadly Delays: A&E Waits Link to More Trouble

Let’s talk real consequences. These long waits in A&E aren’t just annoying; they’re link to more deaths and harm to patients. The risk is that their health might hit the rocks before they even get a bed on a ward.

Davey’s Two Cents: NHS in Crisis and the Conservative Government’s Role

Davey’s not holding back: “Every year A&E delays are getting worse and worse under this Conservative government as hospitals are starved of the resources and staff they need. These appalling delays are leaving often vulnerable and elderly patients waiting for hours on end in overcrowd A&Es.”

Lib Dems’ Battle Cry: Vote for Change

Trying to sell their own solution, the Liberal Democrats are rallying the troops. According to Davey, “Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to fix the NHS and ensure people can access the care they need.”

Government’s Defense: Recovery Plan in Full Swing

The Department of Health and Social Care is clapping back, saying, “Our urgent and emergency care recovery plan is already cutting both A&E waits and ambulance response times compare [with] last year.” They claim they’re on track, delivering more staff hospital beds this winter and hitting targets for virtual ward beds.

RCN’s Take: Behind the Numbers Are Real People Suffering

Patricia Marquis, repping the Royal College of Nursing, got real about the people behind these numbers: “Behind the numbers are people suffering for hours with no privacy and left in danger of their health drastically deteriorating.” She’s saying the government needs to commit to safe nurse staffing levels and pay them fairly to keep enough nurses in the game.